Closer Than I Was Yesterday

We are not quite settled in but we are a helluva a lot closer. I am thinking of calling up one of those organizational shows in the states to show them how well I’ve unpacked and arranged things. My fear is that they will show me up with someone living in a 700 sq ft apartment in New York.

I went running around our new neighborhood last night and couldn’t believe the views as I followed along the river. Rowers, tennis players, other runners surrounded me and the tourist in me slowly began to fade.

Andrew has been in Germany all week, while I was in London. Somewhere in this mess I’ve had to make two trips back-and-forth to Wales. I have traveled from country to country and my body is bearing the brunt of the impact. I cannot wait to sit down with our cable TV, running water and a glass of wine.

Enough grumbling, the place is looking posh and I’m getting prepped for another week. On deck, our besties from the states are making the trip over to see us. They have to be first at everything, mwahaha. It will be bizarre showing them around our area, when it feels like we saw them not too long ago. Containing my excitement will be brutal this week.

And times they are definitely changing. On Monday I will begin starting another chapter in our UK adventure. I’ll share the deets later, but I am trying to grasp the way things are falling into place around us.

Here’s to the friggin weekend lads and lasses.


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