London Revisited

I feel like I’m channeling the poor man’s Carrie Bradshaw as I sit in a flat in London typing this post. I could get use to this city after all.

I am escaping on leave from the Shropshire in order to take care of a few things in London. I couldn’t bear the unpacking anymore, haha. English mouse in the big city y’all.

Being on my own this time, without the navigational support from Andrew, I wrote my own tourist script and wandered around. The weather was a classic rainy + wind — talking gale force. Tourists are easier to spot with umbrellas because they either A. have an obnoxious London umbrella or B. can’t hold it right in the wind so it is flipped up.

I dabbled around Hyde park, insanely massive and beautiful. Then hit up the Science and Natural History museums. Both were equal parts entertaining, but truthfully the Chicago and D.C. museums are simply too hard to compete against.

And to ensure I got something super touristy taken care of, I stopped by Buckingham Palace. There is a part of you that hopes the royal family is sneaking a glimpse of you out the window. The best part about the area I snuck into was seeing the carriage that carried Princess Di on her wedding day, along with the Rolls that Kate drove in a few months ago. That’s history.

I’m learning more this go round about the area. Helps having the holiday tourists out-of-the-way and kids are finally back in school. But this wouldn’t have even been possible if it weren’t for Andrew and of course the amazing Mel S. I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends.



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