Today is Waiting — Get Going

If life is chaos then I am clearly coming out of a hurricane. We knew moving would be hard work and this third, and final phase, of our move has been taxing.

Downsizing our U.S. home; packing for temporary housing; unpacking our new home in England. (Meaning repacking the temporary housing stuff and hauling it cross country.) Miserable Painful Exhausting is a way to describe it.

The past four days we have been working to fit everything we overpacked from home. It’s daunting to see all of our belongings after realizing how little we can live off of for a few weeks. We are adopting a clean, minimalistic lifestyle. Although we somewhat fell into that category, we certainly do double-takes now when shopping.

And all this moving around has kept us in very close quarters. If putting Ikea furniture together doesn’t make you question your sanity for saving a few pounds, nothing will. If I hadn’t married an engineer… He says Lego instructions, I say NASA shuttle launch plans. We’ve had some moments kids, but as we sat back after the long weekend at one of our favorite pubs in town we were truly content.

I have come to appreciate and understand the breadth of Andrew’s decision to move our family miles from home — and normalcy. I was not prepared for the roller coaster of emotions moving throws at you, but damn do I have a new appreciation for things.

That and my perspective on purchasing has changed. Rather have a house filled with simple things and blow my earnings on travel and shared experiences.

Much to say about living in Wales, and it couldn’t have been more welcoming with it’s endless scenery and sheep. After the hurricane, there is always a rainbow. (How Velveeta is that?!)


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