Honey Badger Don’t Care

Six weeks in counting (I think). We are exhausted from moving. All I can offer is the useless advise I have learned in the past few days:

* Swans will not bite your bike tires. Andrew must have been having Michigan geese flashbacks because there was a 5 minute face-off on a bike.

* If you think you’ve packed too much, you have in fact packed twice as much.

* It’s OK to arrive with no direction.

* Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement on the VMAs creeped me out — and I like the woman. Drop the mic?!

* Imma have to order dryer sheets from Amazon.com.

* The fat kid in me was overjoyed when I found a jar of queso I packed from Trader Joe’s.

* God is in fact a Dawg fan. Andrew’s Ramblin Wreck was the ONLY thing that didn’t make it in the move. My UGA snow globes arrived unharmed. broohahaha.

Norak, if you don’t understand today’s title – click here.



  1. UGA dawgs are EVERYWHERE.. Why did you make me watch that nasty snake eating video?
    Keep the pictures coming.. We have our Bank Holiday Monday :).
    Have a great moving weekend. Indy can’t wait to see his new back yard

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