Sheepless in Seattle

Busy week, sorry kids I’m actually escaping/being productive. I could amuse you with pictures of things around town, as I always do.
They may have the Pope mobile in Rome, but here in Wales the jazzy’s are all-weather vehicles.

Oh, in case you were curious. I passed that fine older gentleman while walking the 1/2 mile to the health clinic, with our pee samples. Too much? That’s how they roll in socialized healthcare. I’ll save the healthcare stories for another post. I should have spiked Andrew’s p.p. while I had the chance.

While the U.S. is hit with hurricanes and earthquakes, I would love to share with you what kept us up last night. The sheep were in a mood, a baaad mood. Maybe the sensed the disturbance in the climate. This video doesn’t give the full range of the bah’s these sheep were yelling (yes, yelling) from the hills behind our house. I don’t know what you’re up to sheep, but we’re on to y’all!

*I wouldn’t be surprised if Spielberg himself calls me up after seeing this gem of a directorial debut.



  1. I forgot about the socialized healthcare part! Can’t wait to hear your review. I think we need a positives and negatives post about this. Okay, my request is in πŸ™‚

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