Gonna Change

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I need to seize more moments and go exploring. Since I can’t drive (on my own) I’m limited to the train. Yesterday I decided to head towards the coast, Aberystwyth; a historic market town, administrative centre and holiday resort within Ceredigion, Wales.

I wanted the beach, ocean air and put my toes in the sand. I was not disappointed. Andrew was so jealous excited about hearing how much I was enjoying my day, he decided to join me in the evening. Spectacular.

Aber’s coastline reminded me of San Francisco. Towards the north part of the promenade sits Constitution Hill, providing breathtaking views of the coast and surrounding mountain peaks. The weather was cool in the morning but with the afternoon sun it was perfect. And yes, people were swimming in the water. Think Chicago’s Lake Michigan, chilly but some people do brave the temp.

We ended the day on the shore at a beautiful hotel bar, watching the sunset.

Time for the picture show!

Oh, guess who drove home! This lady. Andrew had the brass ones to let me drive the hour journey home. Only one curb and a few leans to the left kept the drive home from being perfect. Have to learn sometime.

If you want a soundtrack for the pics, check out one my faves – Noah & The Whale “Life is Life.”




  1. Ha! Your first pic of the Aberystwyth shoreline made me do a double take – it’s practically an exact replica of the one I took in Llandudno last year (it’s in my ‘God Save the Queen’ FB album if you’d like to see for yourself!). I guess picturesque seaside towns are par for the course in Wales.

    Am really enjoying your blog. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you on the housing/Indy front!

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