Are You There God? It’s Me, the American.

I made a proper mess of myself this weekend. Friday Mr ADD Andrew wasted no time after work and we zipped straight to the coast. We ended up at an absolutely breathtaking park, Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest Centre, about 10 minutes from the shore. Tired of me saying how beautiful things are?! I know, but this place took the pageant cake. Andrew borrowed a pals mountain bike and before I could say, “Um, and which way do I run?” he was off on his trail ride. Me? I am not so good with direction [insert any woman-navigation insult here] but I trotted along and did not spot a soul during my 6 mile loop. I take that back; I encountered two sheep that were just afraid of me as I was of them. Much more cute in a pasture behind a fence. I think they filmed one of the scenes from the 4th “Harry Potter” at the park, bahaha. At only one point did I ask myself the question of, “Are there bears in the UK?” In short, we had a glorious time and Andrew came back caked in mud. Nothing a lil’ water bottle rinse couldn’t fix.

OK, guess which pic has been “enhanced”:

it's mud, I assure you.

Saturday came the moment we have all been waiting for: The Shrewsbury Flower Festival Show. We were told by all the locals that you have to go see the show at least once. After scoring a free ticket, sneaking in a few teens for a quid each, we were game. Don’t take this the wrong way, but think Renaissance Festival, with more flowers and old people. There were flowers on display and booths set-up to browse homemade foods and goodies from the local shops. However, we kept hearing about the fireworks. Everyone goes for the fireworks at the end of the night. We escaped from the show midday and headed to a local pub on the river with a pal we met earlier this year (prime location for the fireworks). We ended up meeting a bunch of peeps our age. Friend me. The fireworks were something out of “Lord of the Rings.” (At what point have I become a total nerd…blame Ga Tech.) And the only thing you need to know after that is that we had a nice time with friends.
Norak eye-muffs… We may have ended up staying with friends and waking up in the home of the most quintessential English family. The room where we crashed in had a tea cup on the shelf of Princess Di and Prince Charles from their engagement. I know!

On the seventh day we recovered rested. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there, and if you end up clubbing with a bunch of strangers at least you can properly sing along to “Raspberry Beret.” Prince is ours!


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