Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Have we been in the UK three weeks? Woowhee that flew by. I’ve rambled, ad nauseam to some I’m sure, about the moving perks and pains. Things are going to move quickly in the next few weeks. Again, I’m a nerd about divulging too much before it happens.

But for now, I would like to reflect on a nugget of moving info sent by a dear, young, fabulous pal. Perhaps a touch tardy, but we’ll go with it …
What You Should Know: Setting Up Home in a New Country
Moving so far from home can be thrilling and terrifying. What do we bring? What should we not bring? What if they don’t have our favorite (clothing, medicines, toothpaste, etc)? … Here are some tips and ideas gathered from expat friends as well as personal experience.

Let’s take a look at the list:

Find a friend: Consider this in progress. Andrew and I have met some lovely mates he works with and this weekend we’re heading to Shrewsbury to meet up with another pal, whom we first met while visiting months ago. Shrewsbury should be a prime place to socialize with peeps our age.

Shipping and sending: Ooh glorious movers. Having professionals pack your belongings is critical to maintaining sanity. It was a bummer not being able to take the fun stuff like TVs, but we’ll sort that out later.

Stock up: Um, I should have packed Mac N Cheese along with hair stuff. Yes, I am sure there are substitutes for my favorite things but occasionally there isn’t a fair replacement. Andrew has Tabasco so he’s just fine.

Make connections: We are not the types to join clubs but there are groups for mountain biking and running that we have checked out. Helps give you the scoop about the area from the locals.

Finding furnishings: One word, Ikea.

Electricity: Tell our FlatTVs and KitchenAid Stand Mixer back home that we miss them dearly.

Creature comforts: You mean dog, right? Indiana Jones. I’d give anything to rub that belly and love all over him.

Turns out you can learn a lot in 21 days.


One comment

  1. When does the puppy get there??

    I’d be all over those groups – it was how I met my best friends in DC, and they’re some pretty kick ass people 😉 Plus I learned the city, on foot, very quickly!

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