We Didn’t Start the Fire…

No really, these London riots are out of control. The images in the news are sickening. The fact that riots are popping up in other city centers, such as Birmingham, is equally as terrifying. Certain events and football matches have been called off for safety reasons. As for what the government is doing about the chaos, the PM and other leaders were called back from their holidays and officials are determining what other force is needed to thwart the looters. I say bring on the rubber bullets and water cannons. BBC is the best place to get the latest updates if you are interested.

In other news, the field mice hit up the big-ger city of Shrewsbury for house hunting … take 2. I hopped on the train to get a jump on the viewings, check out town and most importantly pick up STARBUCKS. Sweet mother of pearl have I been jonesing for some proper coffee. It was a beautiful day in town and we ended the evening at a Spanish tapas bar. Well, that’s about as close to Mexican as we are going to get.

As for how the property venture went, I am incredibly superstitious and will not spoil anything until we know more. I will say, there are some seriously itty bitty apartments here. I have never had the pleasure of house hunting in NYC but from what I understand this is very similar. When we viewed a few places we were not the only ones in the space. House viewings are a revolving door of people. I had a, “What the what?” look on my face the entire time. I was in shock. Who would have thought Shrewsbury was such a bumping town.

So for now. I sit on a secret. Muuwahaha.

A hint?


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