Law of Attraction

I have been rambling on and on about the various things that have been going on around us. We have been trekking the UK and while it can seem chaotic, it has been such an amazing challenge. I am finding how important it is to be present in all the moments that are happening around me. Feel free to blame Oprah for this rant, but I came across something from an old friend this morning that has my hamster wheel spinning.

Andrew and I run daily around the area and it was on my own run yesterday afternoon that I stopped in my tracks. It had been cloudy all day and as I came through this huge field the sun broke through the sky. Instead of racing home, I started walking and eventually sat down by the river, soaking in the sun.

I must have set in this park for 15 minutes before seeing another individual. I was aware. Everything we do is by choice and you have to choose to attract the positive outcomes and people in your life. We are making new friends, looking to find the best place to live and you have to have patience and faith. I’m learning.

Be drawn to things, not driven. – Mark Nepo


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