Adopt the Pace of Nature

Andrew’s first love is nature. That kid wants nothing more than to be outdoors. Every weekend, granted it was only our third in the UK, he has managed to find things in the area to scout. From castles to walking trails, we have done our best to get out and enjoy our surroundings.

Saturday we headed to Lake Vyrnwy in Mid Wales. Pictures cannot capture the magnitude of beauty surrounding the lake. We rented bikes and rode the 12 mile trail around, stopping along the way to check out the breathtaking views. The best part about the area is that there are dozens of trails breaking off from the main path to explore. There are waterfalls and other paths to take by foot or mountain bike. Nice little outdoor playground.

Inspiration for Harry Potter?

Stone-built dam, built in the 1880s, was the first of its kind in the world.

Roaming around on my bike helped me calm down from the burden of house hunting, which realty turns out to be one of the most hated professions here. After our bike trek, I was rewarded for displaying my love towards the outdoors with a pint. We found the most beautiful hotel on a hill overlooking Lake Vyrnwy. Think Catskills “Dirty Dancing” Hotel. Dying to take friends here!

Nobody puts Baby in a castle.

Hot wheels.

Did I mention we ended the weekend with a double rainbow. Laugh it up but it was gorgeous.

Back to the grind this week. Thanks to everyone’s awesome thoughts on city life versus country living. Honestly, your advice is beyond helpful and reassuring. Pleased to report that this weekend taught us that we are ready to branch out of our little town and head back to Shrewsbury, where we first fell in love with the area. Now if we can just find the perfect place for us and Dr Jones …


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