House Hunters International

More like house hunting headache. I thought finding a place to live would be fun and easy, well the fact that it has been harder than we thought means the fun has been sucked out a bit.

We are 60/40 one way and 40/60 the other. The big debate is:
– Live in a smaller town, Newtown, close to work no commute.

– Move to the bigger city, Shrewsbury, 40+ minute commute to work.

Naturally there are trade offs to each. With Shrewsbury we would have plenty to do, places to go out, central location, people our age, etc. Newtown means it’s easier once we get Indy over and we would have no commute to work. Andrew compares Newtown to Marietta and Shrewsbury to Decatur, which you think would make it a no brainer.

Real estate agents work a bit different over here, and they don’t work solely for commission. I am practically stalking agents to set up properties to view.

Finding an ideal location is becoming a large priority for us as our container from home is now midway in the Atlantic and almost here.

I’ll take any and all advice at this point.

Ah, Shrewsbury (taken with the iPhone4 not doctored one bit!)



  1. Go for Shrewsbury. Definitely. You will end up bored in a small town, and as you meet new people you’ll realise how difficult it is to get to other places from somewhere small.

  2. I would definitely go for the city atmosphere! You two are young and will want to go out and have things to do 🙂 Commutes aren’t the end of the world, and its a small trade off to be surrounded by energy & entertainment when you want it. Take this from the gal that lived in a suburb between Boulder & Denver for 3 months and almost LOST her damn mind.

    Yeah. City. Definitely.

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