Debunking the “Bad Food, Worse Weather” UK Myth

Between the teeth and the food, there are many stereotypes surrounding the U.K. I am happy to report the food here does NOT disappoint. Everything is fresh and packed with flavor.

We have been lucky to find numerous great restaurants in Wales and England. As for home cooking, I was skeptical we wouldn’t be able to cook like we did back at home … we love to cook.

However, we have found With the market and grocery fresh foods available we have had no trouble cooking. Finding a mini Mexican aisle at the Tesco was a huge deal for me. Ahhh, home. We even shocked the locals with our pequeño tacos.

Andrew said he’s had the best pork chop ever, helped that it was wrapped in bacon. I have even grown to love sausage (be nice with the jokes). Regardless, we are dying to get our own cooking equipment shipped here, which will make cooking much better. And we still have many new places and things to try. There are a lot of Indian places around and there are other local dishes I need to be brave about trying.

For now, enjoy a nomnom food montage. Peppering of a few random pics:

Street Market Magic

Sausage, Potato and Veggie Breakfast of Champs


Por Favor! I give you proper Mexican.

Ready for my tea time!

Alice in Poundland. KEEP ME Bananas, they have yellow EAT ME Bananas. Brilliant!

London is a place that I am sure many would associate with fine dining. I’ll let you my POV later this month, but for now please head over to om nom London where a great friend of mine can school you on cuisine throughout Europe.


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