You Think You’re Confused

Laundry, electrical outlets, driving, doctors, macaroni and cheese. Yes, things can get a bit confusing here in the UK.

Did I tell you there are seagulls in the area? Yep, we’re either that close to the ocean or they too are obsessed with sheep. Between the nonstop baaing and the occasional seagull squawk (do they squawk; I imagine they do) I feel as though I am on the set of a Disney cartoon.

Our neighbors have yards, albeit tiny, to mow. What do you think they use? If you said, “What is a weed wacker, ” please award yourself 10 Nichole points for playing along at home. I’d show you the evidence but that is just cruel.

Andrew has picked up a bit of ye ol accent. It falls out when he says certain things. He must have picked it up at work, because clearly all of my catching up on the “Real Housewives” and “Sex & The City” reruns during the day has prevented me from changing accents. I refuse to call him out on this; it’s more of a test to see if he is speaking British intentionally. In fact, it makes me speak more “American.” I’ll show him I don’t have an accent!

And in closing, this is another thing that made me raise an eyebrow. Guess they stuck “Three Sheets” into the British Google translator.


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