Castles & Cows

How was your weekend, kiddies? Our weekend was spent traveling between England and Wales; crossing country lines is that easy. Spoil me.

Friday night meant everyone was going out, and out we went. Hopped a train to Shrewsbury, the area where we are heavily contemplating living. The people, the pubs, the food were all delicious! Did I mention that’s the first proper train I’ve been on; I have to exclude Marta and the subway. No pictures of the train, sorry I didn’t want to whip out the camera and look more like an American than I already did.

The rest of the weekend was also castle, er house hunting. Wales is known for its umpteen castles and we stumbled upon two castles simply by visiting two nearby towns. To get to the towns you drive some narrow country-esc roads, no major highways where we are now.

Where's the rest of the road?

The views never get old and each castle’s history is spectacular. Clun Castle dates back to tbe 12th century and Middle Ward Montgomery castle was built around 1021.

We also stopped by Bishop’s Castle, an area that we first visited a few months ago. Popped into our FAVORITE pub, Three Tuns Brewery where it was great being back as citizens and not tourists. PS get a load of this fun fact – A brewing licence at the site was first granted in 1642. Part of the existing brewery is of 17th Century origin, and this would be consistent with it having been the original brew house, which would make it the oldest working brewery in Britain.

The towns might be tiny but they are absolutely charming and packed with history.

There was more walking as well. Navigating between cows and sheep. I promise I would get close.

Andrew, however, had a more confrontational experience. Not sure if cows “charge” here but I wasn’t hanging around to find out.

Jam packed weekend setting up for another jam packed week.



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