What A Difference A Week Made

It’s been one official week since we have been in the United Kingdom. We have certainly settled into things around town, and Andrew is back in the swing of things with work.

The weather has been a total treat. Not a drop of rain to report. Sunny and mid 70s. Well, today is a bit dreary but first time all week.

Waiting for my crumpet.

Week in rewind:
– Bank account, check! Talk about opening an account on the honor system.
– Mobile phone is a work in progress. Had to get the bank account first and then we can say, “Bonjour iPhone and face time!”
– Found a new morning show on BBC Radio that is quite enjoyable and hysterical. Down with the chocolates trumpets, my new jam for y’all.
– Track suits and trainers do exist. Touch of redneck everywhere.
– Walked around town a bajillion times. Andrew says I’m in great shape … should be since I walk at least 5 miles a day.
– Figured out the pounds currency, thus figuring out things are not as cheap as they look. Blast!
– Attempted driving … left-side + stick shift. Yes, kids it’s true. I drove around town (4 whole big girl blocks) after practicing in a parking lot. It’s SO hilly here but I’m determined to get it figured out. Otherwise, Jess I’ll need you to send me an automatic Power Wheel.
– MADE FRIENDS! Met some great folks our age and enjoyed an evening in a beer garden. We went out for a night and it was a riot. Our pals were nice enough to tell me that my British accent is total crap and that laundry is suppose to take 2 hours. The pub we were at had a jukebox, so I was forced to treat the locals to a hit by The Eagles. Andrew would have slapped me if I selected Alan Jackson, mwahaha.
– Everyone still sounds like they are from “Harry Potter.”
– Started house hunting. Very promising.

Although I am adjusting here, it has been fairly easy to keep in touch with everyone back home. I am managing to stay connected with my lovely friends and family courtesy of Skype and Gchat. The parents turn on the speakers and we are able to dial-in nanny. I have to yell at the computer, but the chat is free! It seems we talk more now that I’m abroad than we did when I was back in the states.
Mikey likey;)

I’ll share more about the delicious and fresh food (promise!).

For now, I think one of the hardest things about being away – besides missing humans – is missing our baby. Dr Indiana Jones, every time I look out of the window and see/hear the sheep I am reminded of you, my little monster. Here’s by best attempt to capture the cute baaing on film. This weekend we have big hiking plans so I will attempt to get closer to the livestock. (you might need to crank the speakers)

PS – Inspiration for the title.



  1. Can’t wait to read the post about finding a hair stylist. Took me 4 years to find one in Chicago that I liked.

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