Putting It Out There

Not proud to admit this but I have started to use a British accent when passing people on the roads. It helps me avoid prolonged looks. My accent is crappy at best.

Let’s talk about household chores like laundry. OOOH lawndry! (Now I know why some housewives start drinking in the afternoon.) The washing machine fits about one bra and pair of shorts. When in cycle the machine makes a humming noise and it sounds like it will literally combust. Whizzzzzzzzzz. I rescued the laundry after an hour of spinning. Turns out the wash had an hour to go. That is ridiculous for something the size of a hamster wheel.

The sinks are fancy with hot AND cold knobs. Unfortunately it’s tricky trying to navigate between scolding hot water and cool water when washing your face.

Our maid asked today where we got the police hat from. It was here when we arrived and I thought it was fake. Oh but now, this is a keeper.

I realize that if anyone from the UK stumbles across this post they are probably laughing hysterically. This is all brand new to me, sorry but I like to share how I get my kicks.


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