Oh, it’s sunny.

While we’ve acclimated to many things around town such as the driving, the gorgeous weather, grocery shopping, commercial free BBC and local pubs, there are things that are going to take more time.

I cannot for the life of me find macaroni and cheese. We are itching to get our iPhones, which would help for location and finding shops around town…face time, email, etc. A total creature comfort I miss. I didn’t stall during my first parking lot attempt at driving and we are getting a Sat Map (GPS) unit with lane assist, hallelujah. We miss our stuff daily and cannot wait to unwrap our home here soon.

The Welsh language is everywhere. Most signs feature both Welsh and English. And unlike Spanish, you cannot make out some Welsh words by looking at the them. Language looks to be similar to the Lord of the Rings’ Elvish.

Here's your sign.

Most notably different, the sun. It appears to always shine. [Insert, “Doesn’t it always rain?” comment here.] The sun rises officially around 5:30 AM, but that bugger starts to pop up at 4:30. Sunset is at 10:12 leaving dusk until close to 11 PM. That royally messes with your body clock.

No major complaints as we spent our first weekend walking and running all over town. The weather was spectacular. Sunny and low 70s.

Skipping stones.

Slowly settling back to normalcy.


One comment

  1. You’re going to have to find an American shop to get macaroni and cheese or order it from London/home, turst me. It’s probably going to cost, like, Β£6, though.

    However, as luck has it, there’s an American-style diner that carries it just at the top of my street. I’ll bring you some next time I see you!

    PS If you like American-style Cheerios, don’t try the British ones.

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