So, back to Angus and those sheep.

Andrew, has decided he’s now and active participant in these posts — enjoy his banter kiddies. He’ll be back to work Monday, no worries.

llyuhh – that’s probably Welsh for something.

Things are a bit different here for sure. It’s taken Nic 9 hours to shop because she’s trying to understand all the new candy and cookie/biscuit aisles. Asking for ironing starch led her to the “baking” aisle. There are new things in the supermarket.

But seriously, there is a definite calmness around us now after the move. Even with the end of my vacation looming I still have no worry against what is to come. I now am surrounded by this natural beauty and a group of people around me that love the area also. Only 48 hours into Newtown, literally a new town for us, I know that this small town has everything we need. I am impressed to the fullest. I only need my bikes.

Things that stick out in my mind so far:
– The amazing weather. Think fall tailgate on North Campus.
– Beautiful river that winds around the town.
– Clean smell and fresh air.
– Besides the Tesco everything in town is a small shop where people take interest and care about what they do. Especially the produce and farmer’s markets.
– Walking to everything.

We will post more pics this week. If anyone is in the area we have some space. For now, here are some great pics around town – enjoy.


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