Croeso to Wales

I think that’s how they say, “Welcome to Wales.” We were exhausted upon arriving but thankful for easy travels — even with 9 bags.

We are living in temporary housing until our items are done floating to us across the Atlantic. Newtown is absolutely beautiful. For those from the UK the town is small and country, but for us it’s perfect to walk to everything and the views are breathtaking. You hear the occasional sheep “baaing” softly in the distance. Makes me laugh almost all the time.

Andrew, wasting no time, hopped right into our partywagon (Ford Fiesta) and attempted driving. He did exceptionally well, considering I couldn’t even get in the car on the correct side. It’s a manual so don’t expect any driving updates from me in the near future.

The evening was topped off by enjoying a pint at a local pub. For the record the food was delish. Fresh and tasty.

Day 2. After sleeping off the jet lag we walked into town and were blown away by the views and variety of walking trails. Hello running paths! Andrew is itching for his mountain bike to arrive as the towns are littered with biking trails as well. The local markets have a delicious variety of fruits and veggies to choose from. Yep, we stick out like sore thumbs.

Market Fresh.

We are going to continue to explore and take it one day at a time.


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