Adapters & Adapting

Can’t help but make a list of things that I’m going to miss about “home.” I have the strangest thoughts. When we first talked about moving I rattled off about things like needing a new hair dryer, do they have a Target and what will happen to my mobile number I’ve had since I was 16?! Granted we are moving to a country where they speak English, but our electronics aren’t the only thing that need adapters.

Kiss the TV and King Bed goodbye kids, we’re headed to IKEA! We’re going from a big honking home with tons of storage (and a pool) to city living, a little European “flat.” I’ve already decided we need 3 bedrooms, strictly to store all of our crap precious belongings.

It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of missing things like texting my dad at all hours of the day and driving on the right-hand side of the road.

But I’m ready for European living (vacations) and lots of travel. Not to mention fighting sheep in a morning commute versus 18-wheelers.

I don’t think you can weigh the pros and cons, it’s not apples to apples. All you can do is brace yourself for an adventure.



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