Top 10 Most Frequently Asked

The burning questions we get the most about moving:

1. Why?

2. How is your stuff getting there?

3. Are you excited?

4. How long will you be there?

5. Where will you live?

6. What are you doing for a job?

7. Are your parents freaking out?

8. Does Indy have to go into quarantine?

9. What’s the weather like?

10. Does the food stink?

In short, why not. The hus got a job we could not turn down. Our stuff is going on tour across the Atlantic via a big float, Indy will not be on that float – he’s coming over at Christmas. Excitement doesn’t do it justice. I have no clue exactly what I’ll be up to, that’s a whole other story. Parents freaked out at first but are now 100% supportive of this decision. Food is amazeballs, fresh farm-to-table. Sheep out number people. The weather is similar to Oregon; the UK is up there on the globe. For the rain, meh I’ll buy some wellies. And we’re looking at least 2 years being Brits.

The #1 response to all the questions above is: Crazy town. This is crazy.


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